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“Mommy is the Mommy…that’s why you have to do what she says, and I do too”  How is that for a ringing endorsement from my wonderful husband?  As we battled our way through yet another dinner (“Delaney get back into your seat….yes, Delaney, you have to eat what everyone else is eating….no, you cannot go outside to play until you eat….) Jeff made sure 3 year old Delaney heard him loud and clear.  

 This was hours ago at this point and my smile hasn’t worn off.

 The fabulous thing about tonight’s dinner was learning that I truly am THE MOMMY.  Jeff said so, so it must be true. 

 I don’t always know what being ‘THE MOMMY’ entitles me to do, but tonight I was reminded of a few things:  1) Jeff’s got my back….its wonderful (kind of like being given a little crown to wear around…except  no one can see it but me, Jeff and the kids)  2) Its fun being a team  3) Daddy is THE DADDY and that means you and I have to do what he says.


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Extraordinary Mommy

Well….here goes.  I am a Mommy….and I am EXTRAORDINARY…..  Oh, but don’t be confused….I don’t mean extraordinary like ‘great’ or ‘fabulous’ or ‘amazing’…..I mean extraordinary like ‘going above and beyond what is usual’.

 That’s what I do every day.  Lunch isn’t just a meal, its an event complete with star-shaped peanut butter sandwiches (cookie cutters can sometimes convince a picky eater to dig in!)  I can sing High School Musical with the best of them.  I understand ‘toddlerease’ …that’s the I’m-changing-my-mind-for-the-12th-time-today whine.  Sometimes  I can even manage to recount my day’s war stories for my husband with a smile on my face.  🙂

You’re right….with that definition,  YOU are extraordinary too…  can you feel the warmth of that word spread over you and make you smile?  Extraordinary Mommy’s do their very best for their children, they play games, they cook, they clean, they work, they stay home, they have one child, they have 5, they are 20 years old, they are 30 or 40 0r 50…but they are all the same: they love with their soul.

 Welcome to our Extraordinary World.

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