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What to say to your 3 year old when she uses the word ‘certainly’….as in, “My feet certainly are itchy”.  I love this brand new territory!  🙂 I never, ever, know what is going to come out of ther mouth.  I realize it is not the most amazing word, but definitely impressive when used in the correct context.

How is it possible that she looked out her window last night and said, “Mommy, there are 3 people smoking outside”? Sure enough…she is correct.  Our neighbors were having a party and there were, in fact, 3 people standing outside smoking.  What is most perplexing is….she doesn’t know ANYONE who smokes and we’ve never discussed it. 

She, like most 3 year olds, is this beautiful, astounding, mezmerizing little sponge.  She hears, she sees, she files little tidbits away…and then drops them on me when I am least expecting it.

I imagine it only gets better.  I can’t get enough.  I am one lucky mommy.



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Ok…tell me you have had a moment like this….

 I’m having lunch in a sandwich shop with my family and 2 of our friends. I see a young couple, clearly first-time parents.  They are carrying a baby in a pumpkin seat.  They grab a standard high chair and proceed to try to balance the pumpkin seat on it (if you have ever tried this, you KNOW it doesn’t work.)

Because I know a solution (turn the high chair over…the seat fits snuggly and safely…and YOU can enjoy your meal) I speak up.  I say, “If you turn the high chair over, the pumpkin seat will fit”.  The father glanced in my direction, giving me a look that clearly said, “Peasant, you know nothing”.  He continued, for about another minute and a half, to try to get the seat to balance.  Unsuccessful.  So, he flipped the high chair over and PRESTO!, the baby was safe and balanced.

 No smile of acknowledgement.  No smile at all.  No ‘thank you’.  No ‘Wow, who knew?’.

So, I ask…should I keep my mouth shut?  I truly thought I was being helpful.  I am grateful when someone provides me with a solution…especially when it relates to kids. 

I would understand their disdain if I had tried to step in while they were disciplining a toddler, tried to break up a fight between siblings, or commented on their parenting, but, seriously!  We’re talking about a high chair!

If speaking up is offense, I guess I have to learn to pipe down.

What do you think?

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I am shiny and clear.  At least that is what one friend told me today.  As an early birthday present, she made me a bracelet. It has all clear beads with one seashell (a shout-out to the California girl in me).  So, she made this gift with the idea that I am ‘shiny and clear’ floating around in her head.

 I have been described with a number o adjectives in my life, but ‘Shiny’ and ‘Clear’ have never been used.  And I love it.  I would love to think that I shine, even if it is just a little.  And ‘clear’….it sounds so clean and fresh.  I love this as well. 

 I hope that it means I am a good friend and enjoyable to be around.

Wow!  Are girlfriends ever important?  I am reminded on a daily basis, just how beautiful it is to be surrounded by women who love and cherish you, who recongize your strengths and weaknesses, who talk you through challenges.  Who tell you when you need to ‘shape up’ and who tell you when you are Shiny and Clear.

This is my goal…I’m adding it to my list of resolutions….I want to always be described by these two little words: Shiny and Clear.  In fact, I want to celebrate it!  Thank you, Elizabeth.

And I’m going to teach my kids to be the same.

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Yes…that is her nickname.  My three year old, Delaney, has many pet names, but ‘Sassy’ seems to fit her best.  And, I kind of like it.  It fits her.  She is all Sass.

I often think she has all the qualities I want her to possess as a 23 year old woman, but not quite as a 3 year old.  She is strong willed.  She is independent.  She is opinionated.  She is alternately soft-hearted and a bit tough.  She is kind, but quick with a ‘you’re fine’ if she isn’t interested her in little brother’s crying or whining.

 So, the dilemna becomes….how to tame the little devil now without quashing these beautiful, developing personality traits.  How can something be so cute and so devious at the same time? I suppose the fact that I am smiling as I type is an indication that I really do love the Sass…that I probably don’t really, deep down, have any interest in molding her into a more passive little lady.

And, while I am on my never-ending quest to be an ExtraordinaryMommy….my Sassy has Extraordinary down pat.  It seems she is the one molding me.  Lucky Mommy.

How blessed am I?

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It is late….1:30am almost, and quite frankly, I’m exhausted. But there is something truly peaceful about being up so late.  It feels as though I have the whole world to myself.  Ok..maybe not the whole world, but at least my little office! 

I have been working diligently to update my website.  ExtraordinaryMommy.com has a piece of my soul on every page.  It started as a little dream…the desire to help Mommys FEEL Extraordinary.  And it is turning into a project that gives me tremendous pride.

I want Mommys to Inspire each other, to Celebrate each other’s triumphs, to share their best parenting tips, to learn from one another and to ENJOY life and love as a mommy.

I am grateful every day for the many blessings that have come my way.

Good night.

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There are a lot of sounds I like….sounds that evoke emotion or take me to a specific memory…the roar of the ocean, church bells, a college football team taking the field for a game, the music that starts the Today Show, my husband’s laugh, strong wind, most music, marching bands, the National Anthem, the crack of the bat.

 But, by far, the very BEST sound in the world: my children laughing.  I’m not talking about a quick laugh, a snort or even a little giggle.  I mean that deep belly laugh. You know the one that starts in their toes.  You can actually feel it moving through their little bodies…and when it erupts from their mouths, you can’t help but laugh along.  It is the sound of pure joy. 

This noise, this belly laugh, this sound of pure joy, it is the soundtrack to my soul.  If it was the only thing I heard for the rest of my life, it would be enough.  I am smiling right now just thinking about them.

And the best part is…that laugh is so easy to come by.  I spend hours of my day trying to get them into their best giggle box state, but the truth is, it is so simple.  They belly laugh when I tickle them.  They belly laugh when I make faces at them, or when they make faces at each other.  They belly laugh when we all sing together.  They belly laugh when I ask for kisses and hugs.  They belly laugh when I mimic them. They REALLY belly laugh when Daddy plays with them.

I have a quiet laugh.  I have always been envious of people with big, loud, confident laughs.  I think I’m going to work on that.  I’ll focus on the pure joy of childhood and see if I can’t find my big laugh.

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