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I think ‘lucky’ is the ONLY was to describe a first visit to the dentist with a three year old that doesn’t include crying, whining, or, my personal favorite – a whole bunch of sass.

I’m not sure what happened. I’d like to credit stellar parenting and say that I prepared Delaney enough so she was comfortable and sweet, but the truth is….parenting with her feels hit and miss.  Sometimes my grand ideas work and other times, I may well have been chatting with myself.  So, the truth is, I think my ‘luck’ is tied directly to my sweet girls’ mood today. It just so happens she woke up on the right side of the bed and I reap the benefits 🙂

A few days ago, I started prepping her for this visit.  I explained that this trip to the dentist was reserved solely for ‘big girls’. (code for: Cooper can’t come, he’s not big enough)  And, remarkably, she loved the idea.  Her only request: that I go first.  That’s easy!  Done!  I’m happy to go first.

Delaney was an angel.  She watched closely as my teeth were cleaned.  Even kissed me on the forehead a few times.  Sat down peacefully and opened wide.  Didn’t complain one time! I have to say, the tech cleaning our teeth was phenomenal! She chatted Delaney up like they were old friends.  I’m not counting the days to our next appointment, but I’m certainly not worried about it 🙂

What a peaceful way to have a Monday!


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I mean seriously.  It is raining AGAIN.  Delaney is only 3 1/2, but she is trying hard to understand why the clouds have been gray for the better part of the last few weeks.  And, while she assures me she likes rain as much as she likes the sun (she doesn’t get that from me) she knows that rain keeps her from playing outside.

So..today, we’ve been talking incessantly about the rain helping the grass to grow and the trees to bloom.  Deep down, I know it is good, but purely from a selfish perspective….do you think we can just move into Spring already?

 OK..off to sing another round of “Rain, Rain, Go Away”…..:)


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This is the man I married.  I loved him when I said ‘I do’.  He sweeps me off my feet and makes me giggle like a little girl.  He is a hard worker, a wonderful husband and a best friend. 

But, I don’t think there is anything that makes me love my husband more than watching him shine as the amazing daddy he is to Cooper and Delaney every day.

Some days, like today, I am struck by the love he so clearly demonstrates for them, and for me. To give me a little peace, Daddy took both kids out to play.  And at this very moment, Daddy and Cooper are snuggled on the couch together.  When Coop lays his little blond head on Jeff’s chest, a part of me melts.

There is nothing better than a man who puts his family first.  Nothing better than a man who plays and snuggles, bathes and kisses boo-boos.

I am one lucky girl.


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Ever had a ‘near miss’ with your kids?

By ‘near miss’, I mean that moment of panic you experience when you realize you almost made a mistake…like you turned your back and suddenly found your toddler standing in the center of your dining room table or your almost 2 year old wants to help empty the dishwasher and you turn around just in time to see him aiming a knife for an electical socket (that you CLEARLY missed when you were putting the safety plugs around the house)  or maybe you set your car keys down in the cup holder of the back seat when you were buckling your toddler in the car and forgot about them until you closed the door and heard the ‘clicking’ that accompanies the lock and unlock buttons being pushed on the car remote.  What if he had pushed ‘lock’ instead of ‘unlock’ and your baby was trapped inside the car?  What about pushing the safety brake on the stroller while you are getting ready to load your kids into the car in a parking lot, turning your back to put your bag down and hearing your daughter yell, “MOMMY!!!” beacuse the break didn’t hold and your stoller is rolling away?

Does it sound like I’m experienced in the ‘near miss’ category?  I suppose I am, even though the examples I just gave have happened over a period of 4 years.  As I writing this, I feel terrible, but, I do think these little fits make me normal.  I’ve been blessed to talk to enough mommys to know it happens to the best of us. I know moms who have almost ‘forgotten’ kids in the backseat, moms who have found kids on top of the fridge,  dads who have heard a power tool start up, only to find a curious toddler who was just trying to do what he’d seen dad do (long before you would have imagined he could) and even moms who have come across a young one opening a ‘child proof’ lid or lock.   Just another example of what puts us in that exclusive ‘mommy sorority’.


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The first time I realized I was actually getting older (a realtive term, I know) was back in my mid 20’s.  It suddenly occured to me that some professional athletes were actually younger than me.  Imagine that….the baseball players, the football players…the Olympic athletes…they were YOUNGER.

Now, I have these ‘growing up’ moments regularly..but it is most pronounced by having children.

While I have suddenly found myself in the midst of a ‘Can you believe the price of gas? Of milk? Of bread?’ conversation (which is a clear indication of adulthood), it wasn’t until my daydreams began to include or focus on my children that it hit me:  I really am an adult.

I used to watch the Olympics thinking I would love to be a gymnast.  Now, as the Olympics approach, I have found myself having the same little fantasy, but this time, it is not about me…it is about my daughter.  I heard Jeff having a similar moment today.  He was talking about a young baseball player who, it seems, has done everything he could to earn a true spot on a major league team, but instead was ‘sent down’ to the minors.  Jeff imagined himself in this player’s dad’s position….frustrated out of his mind that his son was being rewarded for a solid performance.  Jeff no longer puts himself in the athlete’s position…he sees himself as a dad first.  This is how I know we are growing up.

I think it is a rite of passage that comes, most especially with parenting.  When there is actually something bigger and more important than YOU.  I have dreams for my babies, as all parents do, but my most important dream: that they are happy in whatever path they choose.


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Occasionally, but probably not often enough….in between the trappings of everyday ‘Mommy Life’ , I find myself in awe of my children.

They are these two perfect little beings.  They run and jump, talk and laugh, cry and assert these amazing little personalities. And Jeff and I actually created them.  They are truly little people.  It is such a tremendous honor, and, well, responsibility. 


Most days, it is easy to get caught up in the routine of it all.  It is almost as though they have always been here…always been a part of my life.  In a way, I guess they have.  But, lost in the day to day – the feedings, and driving around, the car seats and toddler whining, the ‘what’s for dinner?’ and the newly discovered sibling fights, it is easy to lose sight of the true spectacular nature of their existence.

Today, I will focus on the awe.  Today, I will drink in every little phrase, every tackle, every hug, and of course, all the ‘kishes’. Today, I will relish the responsibility of being Mommy (probably my favorite title).  I will celebrate the amazing.


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I have found that keeping these little gratitude lists is bringing a peace to my days.  And sometimes, they even make me giggle….since, some of the things I am most grateful for are the things that bring me moments of laughter.  (I love to laugh…even though my husband will tell you I am a quiet laugher!)

 I am grateful for:

Green…the grass is starting to turn green.  Green leaves are busily working to sprout on the dark branches of trees.  The green beginnings of tulips are starting to surface…pushing their way through cold dirt.

Tulips – likely my favorite sign of Spring.  When I see them, I feel warm and fuzzy…and confidant that the cold weather is finally going away.

Falling in love.  I told my husband yesterday that it felt like he had fallen in love with me all over again and he said, “Yes, I have.”  It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

People singing in their cars.  I love the freedom you have to really belt it out when you are driving by yourself.  And it really makes me giggle when I catch someone doing it. 🙂

 My cell phone ring, buds on trees, hope, return policies, loud laughs, coupons, checking things off a ‘to-do’ list, tickling my kids, my kids taking a nap, soda on ice (and through a straw), Fridays, listening to my husband’s radio show (I love hearing him have so much fun!), celebrating birthdays, the color red, palm trees, The Melting Pot restaurant, and starting my day with The Today Show.

And, really, truly, I am so tremendously grateful that I did not have to fly American or Delta in the past few days with my kids (or even without them).

That’s it for now.

If you’d like to add to the ‘gratitude dialogue’…check out the forum at www.ExtraordinaryMommy.com (it is under the ‘Share’ section!)

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