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Well..at least I think it is.  I know, I know…you are thinking: “Sure, Danielle, you have thought this before.”  And I have to admit I’ve been fooled into thinking this a few times now, but I am feeling a shift.  It looks like we have some 70’s in our future for a few days now.  And that means, we need to celebrate!

Coop had no trouble taking me up on the ‘celebrate Spring’ challenge.  In fact, he embraced it wholeheartedly.  We even worked in a quick game of peek-a-boo to keep the party going.

Hope you have beautiful weather whevever you are!




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The fabulous photo contest at 5minutesformom got me thinking….how do I really define motherhood?

Mother's Day 2008 - Giveaway Event

This could be an incredibly long post….  I entered one photo already.  Such a beautiful image of my not-quite-2-year-old daughter in her last days as an only child.  The picture speaks volumes to me about the connection between a mother and child.  It shows a bond, a love, a shared moment.

But, the truth is, I think motherhood is defined by so much more.  Let me show you a few snippets from my life that define motherhood for me:

This is my very first moment as a Mommy.  It was awe-inspiring.  While I had felt her move for months, this was the moment I realized our bond.  I fought hard to bring her into the world and I will fight for her everyday she needs me.

 Motherhood is prime-time, no-bones-about-it, can’t-keep-it-to-myself,  it’s-the-best-feeling-in-the-world, JOY.

Motherhood is history.  This is 4 generations of love.  My 95 year old grandmother (still alive and in great physical health, though struggling with Alzheimers), my mom, me and my sweet girl.

Motherhood is pound for pound (that’s 7 pounds 14 oz in Cooper’s case) the greatest blessing I’ve experienced. (and it comes with the greatest challenges I’ve ever faced)

Motherhood is reveling in the bond between your husband and babies.  It is a shared blessing.

And finally….how could I define Motherhood without including FUN?  Being a Mommy means finding your inner toddler….your long-tucked-away kid, dragging her to the surface, and reminding her how to PLAY like a little one.

(This doesn’t have to count as an entry….but I was inspired to put it together based on the contest!)


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Mother's Day 2008 - Giveaway Event

The lovely ladies at 5minutesformom are hosting a fantastic contest…a $1000 for the picture that captures the best motherhood-inspired picture.  I felt compelled to throw a favorite in the ring.

There is a beauty and innocence to this picture.  It was taken when I was pregnant with Cooper.  It shows the bond my sweet girl and I share.  It also represents her ‘future love’ of her little brother….as well as they love she and I have for each other.  I hope, as she grows up, this picture will remind her that I will always protect her, that my love for her is unparalleled, and that I love her today as much as I did the day she was born.

PS (yes, I do have ‘rights’ to this photo 🙂



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Whoever said ‘Silence is Golden’ clearly does not have small children roaming around their homes.

Don’t get me wrong…I love the quiet as much as the next Mommy, but I don’t trust it.

Take for example 2 recent mornings:

I’ll paint you a mental picture of the first….I’m doing a little cleaning up around the house while the kids are eating breakfast.  First I hear quiet.  That’s right…I heard quiet, because in my world, there is a mental sound that accompanies ‘child quiet’.  I am not hearing any arguing.  No one is fighting over toys.  No excessively loud singing. (these are the noises I usually hear any given morning).

So, I followed the silence.  I thought I heard the littlest voices in the bathroom.  One little voice in the bathroom is ok, two little voices spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E with a capital ‘T’. (This is, of course, the funny kind of trouble I will share with both of their future prom dates).

I open the bathroom door.  Coop has his pants around his ankles; no diaper on.  Delaney is doing her very best to lift her nearly 30 pound brother onto the potty.  As soon as they say me, Delaney said, “Oh hi Mommy.  I’m trying to teach Coopy how to use the potty.  I pulled his pants down and got his diaper off, but I can’t get him on the potty.  Can you help us?”  I laughed for a good 10 minutes.  Thanked Delaney for her ‘help’ and put Coop’s diaper back on.

Silence filled our home again this morning.  Would you like to see what happened during the silence?

Yes, that is Coop sitting amidst the stuffing from one of our couch cushions.  As I was getting ready, Coop and his big sister…..the ever-innocent, Delaney, opted to redecorate our family room.

I have to admit I laughed.  So did Jeff.  We made them help us clean it up, but it was REALLY hard to do it with a straight face.  There was some finger pointing over who was responsible for unzipping the cushion, but all in all….this is what happens when I take a deep breath and enjoy the silence!

The result is often a burst of laughter!


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I’m sure this comes as a tremendous surprise for you, but blog etiquette is not my forte.  I’m an expert at, well….being a Mommy, I guess.  Scratch that.  Kiddos just shook their heads at me in shame.  One more thing to work on…but for now, I’m confused about blogging.

Rest assured, I am learning, but in the interest of furthering my new blogging relationships, I thought I’d throw a few questions out there:

1) If someone comments on your blog…and you want to respond (of course you do!) Where do you do it?  Do you respond within your own comment train?  Do you go to their blog and comment under a completely unrelated post?  Do you email them with the email in their post (that only you can see?)  I’ve tried all three, but am not sure about the ‘proper’ way to blog chat.

2) What in the world is a pingback?  Is it just a link to another blog?  Pingback sounds fancier than link.

3) Is a meme a game of some sort? (like a tag or Wordless Wednesdays) Is meme short for something?  I’m postive I’m not pronouncing it correctly in my head.  Is it ‘meeeme’?  or ‘me-me? or ‘maim’?  Highly confusing for the amateur blogger.

4) Does everyone use code names for their kids, friends and husbands to protect privacy?  Or just because it is funny?  I have to say, most of the names are funny, but I’d feel a little silly trying to switch everyone’s names now.  Unless I went back and changed every post….good thing that doesn’t give me a headache to even think about it.

5) Is WordPress really harder to use than Blogger?  Or does it just seem that way since so many of the beacutiful blogs I’ve been seeing are Blogger?  And, clearly, I can’t seem to master the WordPress yet.

Ok…I’ll leave it at this for now.  I’m confident I have MANY more questions, but my overused brain is unable to produce them at this time.  Will get back to you.


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I’m mad.  I hate that ‘taken advantage of’ feeling.  That is how I feel. And judging by the support from random mommys after I left the store, I am not alone.

Here’s the back story.  I promise to make it brief.

1) I really do love the clothes in Gymboree, but don’t shop their too often b/c the kids grow out of clothes so quickly, I hate to spend $50 on something they will wear once or twice and/or ruin quickly.

2) My mother in law bought a beautiful Easter dress for my daughter at Gymboree.  Wanting to find something similar, I went to Gymboree for the little guy’s Easter outfit.  (I also bought a few extra ‘sale’ items)

3) My purchases entitled me to $50 in ‘Gymbucks’…meaning I can have $50 off my next $100 purchase within a specific date range.

4) Since I am a self proclaimed ‘marketer’s dream’…I know instantly that I am heading back.  If I can get some of these sweet clothes for ultimately 1/2 price, I’m in.

5) Because I have a bad habit of impulse buying and then returning, my total was more than $100.

6) There were a few things I didn’t need, so I went to return them today.

7) All of the items I returned were refunded at a ‘discount’ rate…rather than the full price of the item.  This is because Gymboree splits up the ‘Gymbuck’ total discount among ALL of the items you purchase, rather than taking the full $50 off the total.

8) This means….that even though I was supposed to get $50 off $100, and even though I was still over $100 in purchases (after the refund) I don’t get the full amount back.  This is because Gymboree takes a little off everything you buy. (regardless of whether or not you go over the minimum to reach the ‘gymbuck’ total)

9) This also means that I would have been better off spending ONLY $100…because as soon as you go over that, you start to lose the discount.

10) The sales clerk (who is clearly not the one at fault) kept saying, ‘this is why we tell everyone not to go over’ and ‘this is why you are better off just exchanging).  Somehow, I’m not part of the ‘everyone’ they share this info with.

11)  In protest, I’m taking just about everything else I purchased back.  Sadly, my daughter had already worn one shorts/shirt ensemble.  But the rest is going back.

I can’t stand feeling scammed.  Note:  I was not a yelling, screaming, threatening customer.  I did, however, tell the sales clerk that I was VERY frustrated.

When I left the store, 2 moms followed me out to tell me they had similar experiences and won’t shop in the store unless there is a sale going on.

I suppose I can take small consolation in the ‘itty bitty’ discount I received on the shorts/shirt for my daughter.

This is karma.  To remind me: 1) not to impulse buy and 2) to be aware of the marketing traps that stores throw out.


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This post is also known as ‘Logic and Little Kids don’t always mix”

I’m certain you have had one of these moments.  A moment when you can’t seem to explain something to your child…a moment when they simply refuse to accept the fact that you really do know what you are talking about! In my house it has turned into a running argument/debate.

Mini is learning to count as all little ones do.  She’s nearing four and has been counting to 20 for quite some time now.  And she can happily continue to 29.  It is the number after 29 that has her thrown for a loop.

She says it is 20:10.  That’s her answer and she’s stickin’ to it.  In case you are wondering, she is more than happy to continue with thirty one, thirty-two, thirty-three, etc.  But then again, you have the ’10’ problem.  We hit 39 and she wants to say 30-10. But, once again, she is happy to be directed to 40.

And absolutely NOTHING my husband or I can say will make her change her mind or see the error of her ways.  We have asked her to question clearly unbiased strangers on the street (all of whom she deems wrong after they answer the question) and that has yet to sway her.

She is simply conviced we are wrong.  I’ve tried the 3 and 30 connection and the 4 and 40 connection, but since she doesn’t count by 10’s yet, she isn’t buying it.  And, quite honestly, I don’t know how to explain it any other way.  I’m stumped.

So, in her little world, this makes me wrong.  I’m open to suggestions if anyone has battled this toddler version of counting.



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