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It is on a day like today….a cool and gloomy one (yep….it is mid-May and yep, it is cool (low 60’s) and rainy off and on) that I feel compelled to focus on the things that make me happy…the things that inspire gratitude.  So, here goes.

Exercise. Potato salad (I know…doesn’t mix with exercise, but I can’t help it), doing puzzles with my kids, skipping hand in hand with my daughter, cat naps, my IPOD, making bloggy friends, faith, a good book, the phrase “let it be”, monograms, unexpected goodwill, tylenol, the color of raspberries, a new pen, sheets right out of the dryer, knocking items off my ‘to-do’ list, Sandra Boynton books for kids, kissing my husband, hearing my husband say, ‘hi gorgeous’ to Delaney, Santa Barbara, a healthy family, when someone holds the door open for me, feeling organized, cleaning out a messy closet, finding the perfect gift, tea parties, address labels, drinking lots of water, reconnecting with a long-lost friend, the word ‘spectacular’, freckles, watching a movie, having a date-night with my husband, baseball games, toddler hugs and kisses and the fabulous massage I got on Mother’s Day.


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I’m in awe of people who are able to rely COMPLTELY on their faith in times of tragedy and personal crisis.

I’m amazed that, through what must be a very deep pain, one can see a shining light and focus on the good.

Take Heather at Mom4Life as an example.  This is a woman who’s level of faith, strength and composure absolutely robs me of breath.  One week ago, Heather learned that the baby (Sawyer) she was expecting in only 3 weeks, no longer had a beating heart.  In the past 7 days…she has gone from an excited expectant mother to a mother preparing for a funeral.  Late last week, she labored and gave birth to baby Sawyer.  Through it all, she has continued to look for the rainbows through the rain, she has focused on the plan she is certain God has in place and has taken the love and support from friends and strangers (like me) to heart.

It appears to me that her journaling is helping….but it is tremendous to me that she can sound so composed, that she can speak so eloquently and that she is managing to focus on the beauty in her life.

I admire Heather and the many people like her, who are capable of putting their hurt in God’s hands.  I am humbled by the faith they exhibit and the trust they live. 

I am confident there will be loss and pain in my life….I can only hope to be as grounded in faith, as strong, as sure, as Heather is.   Many more prayers are coming your way, Heather.


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