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96…that’s how many questions my three year old asked me today.

And, no, that doesn’t include the ‘whys’.  I figure I’m in the thousands if I get to include the ‘whys’.  So, for counting purposes, I just included the actual questions I was required to answer today.

“Mommy, what are we doing today?”  This is a Delaney favorite…I get it first thing in the morning and then roughly another 4 times throughout the day.  “What are we doing tomorrow?” My carpe diem deprived daughter is always looking to the future.  She MUST know what she has to look forward to.

Like most parents, I get the standards, “What is for breakfast? (lunch, dinner, snack), “Can I watch Dora?”(Why not?) Right, I know, we aren’t counting the ‘whys’! “Can I go outside?”, (No, it is raining again) “Do I really have to take a nap?” (Absolutely) “What are you doing?” (this answer varies, but it is usually fixing whatever toy has just been broken or needs new batteries) “Who are you talking to?” (Daddy, Nana…etc.) and “Will you hold me?” (this is a favorite, BTW)

But these are the most unique of the day:  “Mommy, can we make a cushion pool?” (Pull ALL the cushions off the couch to jump into?  Yes, you can…mainly because I’m THRILLED she asked permission!)  “Are you dying?” (No) “Is Daddy dying?” (No) “Am I dying?” (No) “Is Santa coming tonight?” (No) “Do I like green beans?” (No, but I wish you did) “Can I have a baby sister?” (That would be a negative) “Do you like the frame I gave you for Mother’s Day?” (Of course) “Is your name Ms. Kara?” (Nope…not unless I’ve transformed into a cute 20-something preschool teacher) “Do you know how to spell chair?” (Yes….do you?  Unless chair is now spelled A-I-P-O-I-N, I’m guessing that’s a no)

Oh….I’m just getting warmed up: “Why is it raining?”, “Can I wear flip flops in the rain?”,”Why do I have to wear a sweater?”, “Why can’t I have milk right before bed anymore?”, (leaking pull-ups, folks…leaking pull ups are the bane of my existance) “Why won’t Cooper share with me?”, “Is there a mean witch coming?”,”Why do you like that song?”, “Are those new shoes, Mommy?”, “Can I lay in your bed tonight?”, “Do I have to take a bath?”

Right about now, you are either smiling and nodding your head in understanding the way only a parent of a toddler can….or you are afraid….very afraid. 🙂 

I’ll save you the pain of reading through any more of my sweet girl’s questions….but, don’t you worry…they are ping-ponging through my brain as I type….  (Must take tylenol to prepare for tomorrow’s onslaught!)



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