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You know when something just hits you the right way??  You hear the perfect song for your mood?  You read a phrase in a book that clicks?  Or you see a quote that captures the essence of how you feel on a given day?

That’s me today.  This was the quote from Real Simple’s Daily Thought :

“Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.”  (Anonymous) This actually fits my last two days.  I will start by saying I’ve been feeling a bit funky, a little out of sorts, sort of uncomfy in my own skin….but not the whole day. 

The headaches are always the worst….the sleepless nights don’t help things much, my sweet girl has been emotional (read: crazy) and my sweet Mommy’s boy has defected to the boy’s team…..he now only wants Daddy (PS…this breaks my heart into a trillion itty bitty pieces.  When this happened with Delaney everyone told me I needed a boy so I wouldn’t get left in the dust.  Wish I could remember (kick) who gave me this lovely bit of advice).  Yep…no more calling for Mommy.  Coop wakes up yelling for Daddy and you can’t even imagine the dramatic disappointment when I walk into his room.  He says, “No….no….no….I want Daddy!” (and then proceeds to throw his head down onto his arms in pure dismay)  Again.  This. Breaks. My. Heart.  How can my lovely little Mommy’s boy go to the dark side?

But….the silver lining is:  though the days themselves haven’t been so good…there have been moments.

Moments of sheer joy: I had a meeting yesterday that required me to get dressed up….I wore makeup, I was by myself in the car, the radio was tuned to my songs of choice….I felt GOOD…..kind of like the me I used to be before kids, today I actually did some paid work (have to love making a little money!), Moments of laughter (you’d have to read my husband’s Daddy Diary for this) and moments of sweetness:

This was my gift from Delaney.  She knocked on the front door as I started to work tonight to give it to me.


A little more good in my day: a close friend is feeling better after an injury this weekend, I heard the song “Heaven” by Los Lonely Boys and it always puts me in a good mood, my new cell phone ring (‘Love Song’ by Sara Bareilles), homemade chicken salad, azaleas blooming in my front yard, Memorial Day Weekend plans, seeing other people singing in their cars, a good exercise day, a phone call I’d been waiting for, feeling that ‘job well done’ feeling, writing a letter to someone to get something off my chest and of course, ‘hugs and kishes’ from my little ones.



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