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So….let me set the scene for you.

I’m in Linens N Things….scouting out a little home decor (we’ve only been in our house for 18 months…figure it is time for me to get on the ball).

I’m singing along to the music overhead as I approach the end of an aisle.  What do I see at the end of the aisle?  A fabulous woman in her 50’s shaking her booty…singing and dancing to the music.  She’s playing it up for a few friends and turns three shades of red when she realizes I’ve caught her.  We share a quick laugh.  When she is in line behind me a few minutes later, she jokes that she is following me b/c she heard I was going to pay for her items.  I honestly wish I could have…and I told her so.  I said, “wouldn’t that be fun?  To just take care of someone’s bill for them?” 

She responded…”yes, it is fun…I’ve done it.  A few weeks ago, my family and I were at a local restaurant and noticed a serviceman in uniform and his family eating at a nearby table.  I know how little they make, I’ve had three kids in the military…and if it wasn’t for them, we couldn’t be free.  So, we told our waiter we wanted to take care of their bill.  We stopped by their table to tell them how beautiful and well behaved their children were….and then we hid close by to hear their reaction when the waiter told them their meal was free.  It was the best feeling.”

I was actually JEALOUS as she was telling the story.  I got goosebumps.  I can’t wait to do it. 

Happy, Generous, Giving, ExtraordinaryMommy in Linens N Things…..I think you are the BEST!  Thank you for making my day!


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Mommys….you are going to love this!  ExtraordinaryMommy.com and ResaDesign.com are hosting a contest.  Win an amazing custom tee for your baby or toddler!  It is so easy!  Read on….

ResaDesign has a beautiful collection of bibs (big enough and sturdy enough to catch the drool), changing pads (designed to fit over the entire bathroom stall changing table!!), burp cloths (styled for the Mommy who will be carrying them) dresses, sibling tees, and amazing custom tee designs.

Owner and designer, (and mother of 2), Resa Troyer launched her company 2 1/2 years ago after searching in vain for baby and child products that would reflect her own style.  She began by creating blankets for pregnant friends…soon she was fielding requests to make additional gifts and the rest is now Resa Design History.  Read the full interview with Resa here.



In order to enter the contest…simply go to www.ResaDesign.com (click here to get right to the custom tee page) choose your favorite fabric and lowercase letter or shape. All designs are done on the most fabulously soft white tees and onesies (like the one to the left) Head back here to the ExtraordinaryMommy blog to comment!  We can’t wait to see what you choose! Contest will be open until July 14th. We’ll pick a winner at random….good luck!





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This just might be my new phrase to live and love by.  It puts ‘parenting’ in one little bitty sentence that packs a real punch.

It was during our beautiful Mother’s Day mass yesterday that our priest used this quote….and since then, I have found myself thinking it over and over again. 

As a mommy, I do find myself stuck in a ‘long day’ rut.  We do many of the same things over and over again….get up, dress the kids, make breakfast, play with the kids, park time, errands, make lunch, naptime, play with the kids, clean the house, clean up the toys, make dinner…and in between all of that there is my work as a referee, expert ‘colorer’ and craft-maker, toy-fixer, laundry fiend, friend, wife, worker….

But when did my little girl learn to say ‘impressive’ in a sentence?  And when did my little boy learn to pull his pants up by himself?  Is it possible they are almost 4 and 2?  Can he really count to 15? And hit a pop-up off a tee?  Can she really do a sommersault with no hands? And kick a soccer ball?  Is she really on a T-Ball team? And when did she learn to rhyme ‘dog’ and ‘fog’?  When did he learn to say ‘too’ after “Mommy, I love you”?  Did I really catch him WALKING up and down the stairs all by himself? Did she really keep my mother’s day present a secret?  Seriously, she can keep a secret?  Was it a mirage….or were they really sitting on the couch together…..her arm around him….his head on her shoulder as she read to him? She isn’t allowed to call me, “Mom” yet, is she?  Isn’t there a minimum age requirement for that?

The minutes are too precious to miss.  The days may sometimes seem long as they are happening, but, wow…I’m confident I will soon blink and they will be pre-teens….and then teenagers….and then adults.  Whoa….sorry….my chest is tightening…need to take a deep breath.

OK…that’s better….focusing on the ‘now’.  Right now, they are both napping.  Right now, I have only a few more minutes before they awake and we play.  Right now, they are still approaching their 4th and 2nd birthdays.  Right now, I’m still Mommy to a couple of toddlers.  Right now, they still giggle when I tickle them.  Right now, they still want to be tucked into bed.  Right now, I’m one of their favorite playmates. Right now, I’m lucky to have been given the gift of learning, “the days are long, but the years are short”.



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Well..at least I think it is.  I know, I know…you are thinking: “Sure, Danielle, you have thought this before.”  And I have to admit I’ve been fooled into thinking this a few times now, but I am feeling a shift.  It looks like we have some 70’s in our future for a few days now.  And that means, we need to celebrate!

Coop had no trouble taking me up on the ‘celebrate Spring’ challenge.  In fact, he embraced it wholeheartedly.  We even worked in a quick game of peek-a-boo to keep the party going.

Hope you have beautiful weather whevever you are!



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This is the face I can’t get enough of.

This is the face that makes me giggle.  The face of my first born.  This is the face of the sassiest little thing on the planet.  This is the face of the almost-four-year old who threw her carrots at me tonight.  This is the face I have to see before I fall asleep, the face that needs one last kiss and the reminder, “Mommy loves Delaney.”  This is the face of the sweet girl who requires my presence when she ‘poops’ (no talking allowed….just standing against the wall until she is done)  This is the face that always wants to ‘show Daddy how pretty I am.’  This is the face I can’t wait to teach everything.  This is the face who yells ‘a fuzzy bunny’ everytime I say, ‘Delaney is….”  This is the face I would do anything for.

This is the face of the best little boy in the world.

This is the face who brings a smile to my heart every day.  This is the face of Daddy’s little slugger.  This is the face that says, ‘Mommy..give hugs and kishes’ every day.  This is the face of the best little snuggler in the world.  This is the face of the little boy who hears, “Mommy loves Cooper” every night as he dreams.  This is the face I pulled into the world and onto my stomach.  This is the little guy who kicked me with all his might for the better part of 5 months.  This is the happy face Cooper has shown us for the better part of his 2 years on this planet. This is the face of the sweet boy who adores his big sister, ‘Damey’.  This is the face that says, ‘Mommy, hold you.’….and I just can’t resist.  This is the sweet man who will carry a piece of my heart with him everywhere he goes.

This is the Mommy who can feel so in love with her children, yet so overwhelmed.  This is the Mommy who reminds herself every day of her many blessings…especially on the days when the carrots come flying at her head.


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I’m subscribing to the theory that hugs and ‘kishes’ can really make everything feel ok.  “Kishes” is Cooper-Toddler-ese for kisses.  I will forver refer to those little pecks as kishes – that is the nature of having a toddler in the family and I love it.

These little bits of caring, these simple showers of affection, these tried and true testaments to love and friendship can take whatever might be upside down in your world..and turn it right side up.

I see it in Delaney and Cooper’s desire to be hugged.  I see it in their willingness to forgive and forget with a quick arm around your shoulder and a peck on each other’s cheek.  Hugs and Kishes remind you that someone cares.  It confirms that they want your love in return.  An arm thrown over a shoulder can simply remind someone that they aren’t alone.

Why do you think a Mommy’s ‘kish’ can ‘make it all better’?  We’re talking about powerful stuff here.  But, the truth is…it is now the other way around for me.  I may wear the magic cape that heals scraped knees with a single peck, but it is my children’s healing ways that can lighten even my darkest moods.

I am touched every day by Coop and Delaney’s willingness to give these little bits of sunshine..to each other, to Daddy, to me, and to their friends.  I hope they always recognize the power they hold in their arms and in their hearts.


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Is it really possible?  I’m holding my breath and peaking out from between my fingers.  I might be dreaming.  If I am, it will seem like a cruel joke when I wake up.

 Is it possible my children can actually hear me? I thought it was only the neighborhood dogs that knew when I was talking. Are they realing playing together? Could Delaney really be turing a corner?  She hasn’t sassed me today.  She has been extraordinarily sweet to Cooper – offering to read to him, moving over to share her chair, even offering to share her lemonade.  It might be a joke.  Do three year old’s play practical jokes?  Could she have confused the notion of April Fool’s Day?  Maybe she thinks any joke in April qualifies for ‘April Fools’.  Hmmmmm

Or maybe, I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth (always thought that phrase was funny….what is a gift horse?)  Maybe I will just sit back and enjoy the peace of it all.  Yes…that is exactly what I will do.  I will spend the rest of the day with my fingers crossed behind my back.  I will smile sweetly when they include me in their play. 

I will consider this the bright new beginning of a beautiful friendship between brother and sister.  And I will, at least for today, take credit for it. 🙂


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