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So….a quick update on Coop…thank you so much for all of the well-wishes and prayers.

As of tonight, the temp is down…..not gone, but we haven’t been climbing since the 103.7 this morning at 10am.  We spent a very traumatic few hours at the ER getting all sorts of test done….note to self: catheters are a very bad thing..especially on little boys….(and when they yell, ‘put my pants on’ while it is happening, it just about breaks your heart)

So….all of the Dr.’s fears…mono, pneumonia, urinary tract infection were proved wrong (thankfully) but that does leave us with a mystery ‘virus’.  The hope is that the fever will be gone for good by Monday.  Here’s hoping it stays down over night.

Fingers crossed.



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I have to tell you about a 10 year old girl who is amazing.

Her name is Emily Berry. In January of this year, she was diagnosed with an inopearable brain tumor.  Rather than bursting into tears, instead of yelling, “Why me?” this little girl waited until the neurologist left the room, she looked at her parents and said, “You know, I’m going to name it (the tumor) Delores.  And Delores has got to go!”  This is what they are up against.

Emily’s parents, Cory and Kevin, were later amazed to learn from one of their doctors that ‘dolor’ means ‘pain’ in Latin and  ‘dolor’ + ‘es’ means to ‘get rid of pain’.  How did this sweet girl know to name her nemesis Delores?

Emily’s tumor is a Pediatric Low Grade Astrocytoma (PLGA), the most common form of brain tumors in children.  There aren’t many treatment options and the PLGA Foundation is tragically underfunded.  So, there aren’t many treatment options.  Emily recently finished a 10 week course of chemotherapy that didn’t slow the tumor’s progress.  They are exploring other options with their team of doctors at Cardinal Glennon’s Children’s Hospital in St. Louis.

Emily and her family came up with a plan.  In addition to getting rid of Delores, they created their own Non-profit foundation to raise $1 million dollars for research to fight PLGA’s.  They are doing it with their very own website, www.ColorForACure.org.  They are hoping to raise the money $1 dollar at a time.  To track their progress, Emily’s dad created a ‘one million pixel picture’.  For every dollar donated, one pixel of the entirely black picture will turn the color of your choice.  Right now the picture is lit by over 4000 colored dots of light. 

I hope you will stop by Emily’s site.  I hope you can part with $1 to help this little girl reach her goal. And, I hope you will pass www.ColorForACure.org on to your friend’s and family.

100% of the money raised will go to  the PLGA specifically for research.  Not one penny will be spent on administrative costs.  You go through a secure Google checkout when you donate.  Until the end of this year, Google will not charge a transaction fee for non-profit groups. (PayPal apparently takes 32 cents of every dollar), so the family truly hopes to reach their goal by December 31st. 

Color Emily’s dreams with a few red, blue, yellow and green pixels.

Read more about Emily’s story here.



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96…that’s how many questions my three year old asked me today.

And, no, that doesn’t include the ‘whys’.  I figure I’m in the thousands if I get to include the ‘whys’.  So, for counting purposes, I just included the actual questions I was required to answer today.

“Mommy, what are we doing today?”  This is a Delaney favorite…I get it first thing in the morning and then roughly another 4 times throughout the day.  “What are we doing tomorrow?” My carpe diem deprived daughter is always looking to the future.  She MUST know what she has to look forward to.

Like most parents, I get the standards, “What is for breakfast? (lunch, dinner, snack), “Can I watch Dora?”(Why not?) Right, I know, we aren’t counting the ‘whys’! “Can I go outside?”, (No, it is raining again) “Do I really have to take a nap?” (Absolutely) “What are you doing?” (this answer varies, but it is usually fixing whatever toy has just been broken or needs new batteries) “Who are you talking to?” (Daddy, Nana…etc.) and “Will you hold me?” (this is a favorite, BTW)

But these are the most unique of the day:  “Mommy, can we make a cushion pool?” (Pull ALL the cushions off the couch to jump into?  Yes, you can…mainly because I’m THRILLED she asked permission!)  “Are you dying?” (No) “Is Daddy dying?” (No) “Am I dying?” (No) “Is Santa coming tonight?” (No) “Do I like green beans?” (No, but I wish you did) “Can I have a baby sister?” (That would be a negative) “Do you like the frame I gave you for Mother’s Day?” (Of course) “Is your name Ms. Kara?” (Nope…not unless I’ve transformed into a cute 20-something preschool teacher) “Do you know how to spell chair?” (Yes….do you?  Unless chair is now spelled A-I-P-O-I-N, I’m guessing that’s a no)

Oh….I’m just getting warmed up: “Why is it raining?”, “Can I wear flip flops in the rain?”,”Why do I have to wear a sweater?”, “Why can’t I have milk right before bed anymore?”, (leaking pull-ups, folks…leaking pull ups are the bane of my existance) “Why won’t Cooper share with me?”, “Is there a mean witch coming?”,”Why do you like that song?”, “Are those new shoes, Mommy?”, “Can I lay in your bed tonight?”, “Do I have to take a bath?”

Right about now, you are either smiling and nodding your head in understanding the way only a parent of a toddler can….or you are afraid….very afraid. 🙂 

I’ll save you the pain of reading through any more of my sweet girl’s questions….but, don’t you worry…they are ping-ponging through my brain as I type….  (Must take tylenol to prepare for tomorrow’s onslaught!)


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Don’t you just love a toddler stretching her vocablulary by using new words?

Especially when the words don’t fit.

In the past week, Delaney has really been making an effort to use a ton of new words.  This has lead to a variety of interesting sentences:

“Mommy, this song is nasty.” (descibing a song she really likes)

“Mommy, you are impressive.” (for absolutely no reason whatsoever)

“Take a picture of myself.”

“Mommy, we’re hatched.” (she meant connected…we nad a big string necklace around both of us)

“I’m having a hard day.”

When asked what position she wants to play on her T-Ball team:  “I want to be the croucher (catcher).”

“Mommy, stop watering my hair.” (This was me wetting her curls to tame them)

“Oh…I forgot!  We do not take our seatbelts off while the car is moving.” (This said, despite being buckled into a car seat…she isn’t even big enough to be in a booster yet.”

And when talking about the Lion King’s Timon and Pumba….she called Timon a ‘weird cat’ instead of a meerkat.

I love the giggles these statements give me throughout the day.  Especially since we have entered the uber-talkative stage.  Delaney doesn’t stop talking…unless she is singing…and she does that even when she is by herself in her room.

I hope YOU have a nice, fuzzy day!




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I used to consider myself a relatively patient person…I mean, I might not list it in my ‘top 5 best qualities’, but I definitely never considered myself an IMPATIENT person.

BUT, WHAT IF I AM?  What if having children has highlighted a serious deficiency in my personality?  I’m a little frightened.  I found myself snapping at my children today for what I am sure are merely toddler infractions: arguing with each other, yelling at the top of their lungs for no apparent reason (beyond the pure joy of making noise), repeating, ‘Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy’ when I am speaking to, oh-that’s-right-ANYONE!, saying ‘no’, or worse – staring me down, when I request something of them, finding the most inopportune moments to demand ‘hold me.’ (which I ALWAYS find nearly-impossible to refuse since I know there will come a time when they won’t want me like that)….OK..clearly I have a very long Mommy-wasn’t-quite-so-patient-today list.

In fact, I think my heart rate is speeding up as I type in pure anticipation of feeling impatient again.  Ok…deep breathing works.  I know it does, but often forget.

I know, deep down, that most of the things that make me twinge with impatience are just toddler-ese, but I’m thinking there are wonderful, peaceful mothers out there who are able to make it through a day like today without wanting to sit in the time-out corner with a blanket over my head for hours.

My internal dialogue is struggling to take over…reminding me that we are all entitled to a ‘hard day’.  Today was mine.  (But what if the impatience is permanant? *Gasp!*) 

Surely tomorrow will feel more peaceful.  Or I will feel more peaceful.  Or my children will forget their traditional toddler behavior overnight. No….(deep breath) I want them to stay little as long as I can.  Right?



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Here are a few things I didn’t know about how the essence of ‘time’ would change in my world after kids.

1) I didn’t know that my kids would learn to say ‘just a minute’ to me by the time they were 3.

2) And that “just a minute” meant “i’m probably never going to do what you are asking.”

3) I didn’t know I need to add an extra 30-40 minutes into any ‘getting ready time’.

4) I didn’t know I could go from an ‘always-on-time-girl’ to ‘sorry, I’m running just a few minutes late’

5) I didn’t know that NEEDING to get out the door by a specific time is as good as asking my kids to dirty their diaper, run to the potty, rip off their shoes or unzip their coats

6) I didn’t know that re-reading the same 5 minute story 5 times in a row would feel like 5 hours

7) 30 seconds of sibling fighting sounds like 3 hours

8) 1 minute of my children in any kind of pain feels like a lifetime

9) 1 hour alone is heavenly, 1 day alone is divine, 2 days or more and I actually feel like I’ve been away from them forever.

10) The ‘years’ I’ve had with them so far are slipping through my fingers like sand at the beach

11) I would stop time with them if I could


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So, I took Cooper to our new gym for the first time today (the same one that told me yesterady that I needed a reservation to bring my kids).

I was a little hesitant about leaving him.  He isn’t always a huge fan of separations, and the room seemed a little cramped.  I was hard at work trying not to step on one of the many children between me and the sign in sheet.  Coop just stood there, taking it all in.  Then wandered off to play.

I did a little exericse and hurried back to get him.  I didn’t want to leave him too long (and he kept saying, “I pooping, Mommy” before we arrived, so I wasn’t sure if there would be a surprise for me.) And, it seemed to me there were a few too many kids in there…

The good news is: despite my concerns, Coop’s first words were, “Had fun, Mommy.”  Oh, my sweet little boy…thank you for putting your silly Mommy’s mind at ease. 


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