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I’ll set the scene for you:

This little girl has to go to the bathroom.  She invites me in (demands my presence) when she has to poop.  I walk in. 

“Mommy, will you close the door so I can have some privacy?”  No problem.  Door closed.

“Thanks, Mommy.  Now, just let me get my magazine.  I like to read when I have to poop.”  She proceeds to pick up the magazine and holds it closely as she puts the Dora potty seat in place and pulls her pants down.

She climbs up, shorts and panties around her ankles and starts to ‘read’ her magazine.  (BTW, her magazine is Jeff’s Mizzou Alumni Mag)

It is at this point that I ask her if I can take a picture.  She politely, but firmly refused.  Can’t blame her, but (damn) it would have been a great pic.  Her childhood mind probably warned her of the doom that would follow if I was allowed to forever document the moment (and therefore potentially embarass her during her teenage years.)

Smart of her.


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Children do not always behave.

They are often sassy.  Sometimes disrespectful. Occasionally very hard to be around.  Take today for example…or even yesterday.  The tantrums, the yelling…blah..blah….It helps me to focus on their sweeter sides when I’m feeling especially intolerant of this behavior (all fancy language for ‘My daughter is driving me nuts!’)  However,  to get through it, this is the face I’m going to conjure in my mind:



















It is remembering these images…these sweet moments that is helping me to focus as I deal with her terrible 3’s…or almost 4’s..or whatever is causing the whining, crabby, crying mess she has been been. (And no she isn’t sick!)

Focus. On. The. Sweetness.  OK…I almost have it….Got it!

Happy Monday.



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Delaney has learned her letters. Now she is tackling word, letters and a little bit of spelling.  We spend a lot of time saying, “Tell me an animal that starts with an ‘M’.” and “What letter does ‘Daddy’ start with?”.

She is doing a great job (forgive me while I relish a little minute of mommy-pride)

Today, we were talking about the letter “L”. 

Me: “Can you name an animal that starts with the letter “L”.

Delaney: “Ladybug starts with ‘L’.”

Me:  “You’re right!  Anything else?”

Delaney: “Yes….Diego’s friend….LLLLLLinda the LLLLLlama.

Me: “Great job.  What about Lion?”

Delaney: “Yes it does.  Good job, Mommy.  Also….when Daddy loves you…that starts with ‘L’ too.”

Me: (Picture me smiling from ear to ear)  “You’re right….love sure does start with ‘L’.”




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96…that’s how many questions my three year old asked me today.

And, no, that doesn’t include the ‘whys’.  I figure I’m in the thousands if I get to include the ‘whys’.  So, for counting purposes, I just included the actual questions I was required to answer today.

“Mommy, what are we doing today?”  This is a Delaney favorite…I get it first thing in the morning and then roughly another 4 times throughout the day.  “What are we doing tomorrow?” My carpe diem deprived daughter is always looking to the future.  She MUST know what she has to look forward to.

Like most parents, I get the standards, “What is for breakfast? (lunch, dinner, snack), “Can I watch Dora?”(Why not?) Right, I know, we aren’t counting the ‘whys’! “Can I go outside?”, (No, it is raining again) “Do I really have to take a nap?” (Absolutely) “What are you doing?” (this answer varies, but it is usually fixing whatever toy has just been broken or needs new batteries) “Who are you talking to?” (Daddy, Nana…etc.) and “Will you hold me?” (this is a favorite, BTW)

But these are the most unique of the day:  “Mommy, can we make a cushion pool?” (Pull ALL the cushions off the couch to jump into?  Yes, you can…mainly because I’m THRILLED she asked permission!)  “Are you dying?” (No) “Is Daddy dying?” (No) “Am I dying?” (No) “Is Santa coming tonight?” (No) “Do I like green beans?” (No, but I wish you did) “Can I have a baby sister?” (That would be a negative) “Do you like the frame I gave you for Mother’s Day?” (Of course) “Is your name Ms. Kara?” (Nope…not unless I’ve transformed into a cute 20-something preschool teacher) “Do you know how to spell chair?” (Yes….do you?  Unless chair is now spelled A-I-P-O-I-N, I’m guessing that’s a no)

Oh….I’m just getting warmed up: “Why is it raining?”, “Can I wear flip flops in the rain?”,”Why do I have to wear a sweater?”, “Why can’t I have milk right before bed anymore?”, (leaking pull-ups, folks…leaking pull ups are the bane of my existance) “Why won’t Cooper share with me?”, “Is there a mean witch coming?”,”Why do you like that song?”, “Are those new shoes, Mommy?”, “Can I lay in your bed tonight?”, “Do I have to take a bath?”

Right about now, you are either smiling and nodding your head in understanding the way only a parent of a toddler can….or you are afraid….very afraid. 🙂 

I’ll save you the pain of reading through any more of my sweet girl’s questions….but, don’t you worry…they are ping-ponging through my brain as I type….  (Must take tylenol to prepare for tomorrow’s onslaught!)


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I probably drive her crazy most of the time.  And I know she does her share too.  Sometimes I want to hang my sweet girl upside down from the ceiling fan (from her toes) but not today.

Today she was sweet.  Today we bonded.  Today we stopped to smell the flowers together. Literally.

Today…I taught her how to plant flowers (I say that as though I really know what I’m doing…not so much) It was divine, because she listened to me.  We added the dirt, we planted the flowers and Mini did the watering.

Don’t the flowers look pretty?  (I hope they don’t die)

When we came back inside….I asked if she wanted to help me make dinner.  She was thrilled.  It must have been karma that she join me in the kitchen..b/c just then, a package arrived. 

I could just eat her up!  Her little apron says Mini. (the nickname she had before she was born).  But, my absolute favorite moment came in response to telling her she was my favorite little chef.  She said, “Wait!  I’m a shepherd?  Like little Ratatouille?  That’s so cool!  I’m a shepherd!”

I adore the way she is making the English language her very own.

Today….my girl and I.  No tantrums.  No arguing.  Just planting and laughing and cooking.

She’s the best.




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Lest you tire of my endless posting today, I will keep this brief.  I just want to share something that just moments ago made me laugh out loud.  (I’m usually a quiet laugher)

When I patted her bottom and suggested she read for a few minutes, my sweet little thing made the face you see below…

and said, “it’s bigger than yours, you know.”  I asked, “what’s bigger than mine?” Her reply, complete with devlish grin, “My bottom.”


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