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My sweet boy was such a trooper~  He hated every single second of his hours in the hospital.  I mean, how can you blame a little guy for being super mad about a catheter?  Or having blood drawn for the 2nd time in 3 days?  Hence the red arm…the fabulous staff at the hospital (Progress West in O’Fallon.  I. LOVE. THEM.  REALLY.  They actually teared up with Jeff and I when Coop was crying so hard….and they were so kind to us!) didn’t want to have to ‘stick’ him again if they needed more blood….so, they kept the little iv-thingy (that’s the technical term) in his hand and wrapped it all tight.

Since the catheter and the blood drawing happened on the bed you see him on….it was a world-class feat to get him to lay there while we waited for results.  He asked me to change his diaper, but wanted to lay on the floor instead of the bed.  Bad association with the bed.  Same thing for anyone dressed in blue scrubs…as soon as they walked in…he would start to whimper.

It is safe to say Jeff and I were almost as traumatized by the whole experience….minus the catheter…Coop gets all the ‘trauma credit’ for that one.  It is terrible to be unable to help your child when they are suffering…and worse when you know you are participating (even unwillingly) in the discomfort!

He did sleep all the way through the night last night.  Some other tests came back negative today…so, it looks like we are in the clear.

This means…we will be able to celebrate his 2nd birthday 🙂

Thank you much for all of your well-wishes and prayers.  They helped.





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So….a quick update on Coop…thank you so much for all of the well-wishes and prayers.

As of tonight, the temp is down…..not gone, but we haven’t been climbing since the 103.7 this morning at 10am.  We spent a very traumatic few hours at the ER getting all sorts of test done….note to self: catheters are a very bad thing..especially on little boys….(and when they yell, ‘put my pants on’ while it is happening, it just about breaks your heart)

So….all of the Dr.’s fears…mono, pneumonia, urinary tract infection were proved wrong (thankfully) but that does leave us with a mystery ‘virus’.  The hope is that the fever will be gone for good by Monday.  Here’s hoping it stays down over night.

Fingers crossed.


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Look at this….  This is the little monster who started to climb out of his crib last week.

So…now, the little climber has a big-kid bed (which he is currently in…napping away!)

And this means…the other big kid in the house moves from a twin bed to a FULL SIZE….


Jump!  Jump!  Clap!  Clap!  Spin around!  Mommy is ecstatic!  Both kids in ‘big-kid’ beds and they love them.  2 nights in a row….and we are SLEEPING!

I’m probably putting a deep, dark jinx on myself….but for now…I’m going to relish the accomplishment of another toddler hurdle.



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I used to be afraid of the phrase ‘Because I said so’.  It may be number one on the list of things I had no intention of saying to my children.  It was a phrase I detested hearing when I was young and I was determined it would NEVER, EVER, EVER come out of my mouth. 

I was wrong.  Boy, was I ever wrong.  I wish I had a picture of my face the first time it slipped out.  I was shocked….and appalled….and freaked out.  Who have I become?  Am I really the Mommy who just says, ‘because I said so.’ and expects to be obeyed?  


I have a new respect for the phrase.  I always believed it to be a bit of a cop-out.  Moms and Dads say ‘because I said so’ when they don’t have anything else to say.  But, that isn’t the case.  At least for me…the first time it bubbled out was after hearing the 27,000th ‘WHY?’ when I said ‘no’ to something.  So…I think it is often a phrase of exasperation.  I’ve been so deperate to get the kids to stop asking me the same questions over and over and over again….that ‘because I said so’ is the best option.

But, now, after realizing that I am often ignored when I speak to my children, because I frequently have to repeat myself,  I have decided I am ENTITLED to say ‘because I said so.’  It is no longer an exasperated, desperate attempt to be left alone.  It is liberating.  My kids should listen to me….and obey….because I am the Mommy….because I said so. It was the realization that just hit me this past weekend.  After 27,000 whys, after hearing the same requests repeated, after watching my kids do things I has asked them NOT to do….I had an ‘A-HA’ moment.  That’s right…I’m the parent. 

So now (thanks, Mom!) I say ‘because I said so’ because I want to. (regardless of the looks I get from the kids!)




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Here’s a story that gets me a little fired up.  A friend of a friend has a new baby.  Baby’s Mommy was on maternity leave….and apparently wanting to head back to work after only a few days.  The question constantly coming from her mouth: “Just what do stay at home moms do all day anyway?  I would be bored out of my mind.”

I take exception to this for a few reasons….well, scratch that…for ALOT of reasons, but I’ll start with what first comes to mind.

1) I HATE THE STAY-AT-HOME vs. WORKING MOTHER debate.  I think we should spend more time building each other up rather than playing the ‘my-way-of-raising-kids-is-better-than-yours’ game.  It makes me want to vomit.  I call this the “UNDEBATE”.

2) I think it is crucial for each individual family to determine what works best for them!  Do you need two incomes to feed and clothe your family?  Are you a better mom because you work outside the home?  Have you always imagined being there for all of your child’s first moments?  Do you think you treasure your time with you kids more than ever because you AREN’T with them all day? Do you, personally, think it is important to stay home?  Do you think it is better for your child to have extra socialization with other kids…so working is better?  Whatever you decide….that is the RIGHT decision for your family.

3) I chose to stay home with my kids.  This was not an easy decision for me.  I had a career.  If you had asked me, even 7 years ago, if I would stay home when I had kids, I would have looked at you sideways.  But things change. My husband and I decided my staying home was right for our family. But it has not been a walk in the park. (well….it has actually been a series of many walks in the park…but, I digress….) Of the years I have spent at home with my kids, I have loved many days, but I have also dreaded many hours.

4) The last thing I am is bored.  Our days are always full.  Most of the time, they are child-centered (and therefore NOT Mommy centered).  We play outside, we play inside, we color, we imagine, we giggle and laugh, we argue and cry, we even watch a little Dora (when Mommy needs a timeout)  I also take care of all family errands and projects. While this is definitely not how I imagined my days would be, I know I will be grateful I had this time with my kids.

5) I also know there are many mommys who WISH they could stay home, but can’t.  And, it is often that I remind myself how blessed I am to have had the choice.

I have now transitioned to a work-at-home mommy…and that is hard too.  Take for example, that Coop is standing outside my office door with his nose pressed up against the glass.  Well…and Delaney keeps knocking.

Mommys….for the love….stop competing.  Do what you think is best for your family.  It won’t be easy, but at least it will feel right for you!


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You know when something just hits you the right way??  You hear the perfect song for your mood?  You read a phrase in a book that clicks?  Or you see a quote that captures the essence of how you feel on a given day?

That’s me today.  This was the quote from Real Simple’s Daily Thought :

“Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.”  (Anonymous) This actually fits my last two days.  I will start by saying I’ve been feeling a bit funky, a little out of sorts, sort of uncomfy in my own skin….but not the whole day. 

The headaches are always the worst….the sleepless nights don’t help things much, my sweet girl has been emotional (read: crazy) and my sweet Mommy’s boy has defected to the boy’s team…..he now only wants Daddy (PS…this breaks my heart into a trillion itty bitty pieces.  When this happened with Delaney everyone told me I needed a boy so I wouldn’t get left in the dust.  Wish I could remember (kick) who gave me this lovely bit of advice).  Yep…no more calling for Mommy.  Coop wakes up yelling for Daddy and you can’t even imagine the dramatic disappointment when I walk into his room.  He says, “No….no….no….I want Daddy!” (and then proceeds to throw his head down onto his arms in pure dismay)  Again.  This. Breaks. My. Heart.  How can my lovely little Mommy’s boy go to the dark side?

But….the silver lining is:  though the days themselves haven’t been so good…there have been moments.

Moments of sheer joy: I had a meeting yesterday that required me to get dressed up….I wore makeup, I was by myself in the car, the radio was tuned to my songs of choice….I felt GOOD…..kind of like the me I used to be before kids, today I actually did some paid work (have to love making a little money!), Moments of laughter (you’d have to read my husband’s Daddy Diary for this) and moments of sweetness:

This was my gift from Delaney.  She knocked on the front door as I started to work tonight to give it to me.


A little more good in my day: a close friend is feeling better after an injury this weekend, I heard the song “Heaven” by Los Lonely Boys and it always puts me in a good mood, my new cell phone ring (‘Love Song’ by Sara Bareilles), homemade chicken salad, azaleas blooming in my front yard, Memorial Day Weekend plans, seeing other people singing in their cars, a good exercise day, a phone call I’d been waiting for, feeling that ‘job well done’ feeling, writing a letter to someone to get something off my chest and of course, ‘hugs and kishes’ from my little ones.


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In fact…I think my ‘selfish’ genes are dancing around with all of my pre-pregnancy clothes…they have taken one last glance in my direction, mumbled ‘Sucker’ under their breath and are mambo-ing off into the sunset.

You could call this loss of selfishness: Motherlove.  And, I think it just sort of happened.  I might not acutally get to take credit for it entirely….

Fellow Mommys will understand what I am talking about.  When you have a baby….all thoughts of yourself take an automatic backseat.  Most of the time, this happens before you have even realized it. Suddenly you find yourself giving up the last bite of that yummy gooey butter cake you’ve been craving or whipping your own coat off in 40 degree temperatures to make sure your little one is warm enough.

Sound familiar yet?  Maybe these moments will:  There is one piece of over-cooked chicken in the whole batch…guess who eats it?  That’s right, Mommy.  There is a last minute need for cupcakes at your child’s school…who stays up til midnight making them?  You guessed it. Mommy.   Baby can’t sleep…who is camping out on the floor to keep him company?  Oh yes, Mommy.  Your toddler has the stomach flu….who feels it down her back…and doesn’t even run to the nearest shower, but instead keeps the comfort coming?  Yep, Mommy.

Your three year old wants a sip of your water and you know the crumbs from her food are going to end up floating on the surface.  You still share, don’t you?  You are exhausted, but your son really wants you to sing and dance to ‘Ring Around the Rosie’ just onemoretime, soooo…I know you put on your dancing shoes!  You haven’t taken a shower, or, forheavenssake, gone to the bathroom by yourself since 1977, but you still answer, “I’m in here!”….as soon as someone calls your name. A foul ball is aiming for your family and you throw your full body over your child to protect them without covering your own head.

It is like I heard Suze Orman once explain….when the flight attendants remind people to (in the event of a loss of cabin pressure…if the oxygen masks fall from the ceiling) cover their own faces first and then help those around them….they are talking to MOMMYs!!  Because you know our first instinct is to protect our kids.

When was the last time you ate your meal hot? When was the last time you watched what you wanted to see on tv?  Or listened to something other than Radio Disney in the car?  Sure, sure…it is a real party pleaser that we can recite “Dora, Dora, Dora the Exploooorer” at the drop of a hat, and we can tell you who sings “Hakuna Matata”, but since I’m not going to be on “Who’s Smarter than a Pre-Schooler?” any time soon…I can’t exactly classify this as top-notch info.

We give and we love and we give some more.  I, for one, have to admit to missing my selfish genes, just a little (well…maybe sometimes alot) but, I do know I wouldn’t trade my kids. (Scratch that….today, I would have, but most days, I wouldn’t let you have them)  And I do know we wouldn’t really trade any of these moments.  Sometimes you can find the joy in sharing that last bite of dessert…sometimes those late and sleepless nights mean extra hugs and cuddles you don’t normally get during the day.  Maybe I wasn’t supposed to have the big, juciy piece of chicken 🙂  Maybe my knowledge of pre-school songs will come in handy some day.

Today…I hope you realize how extraordinary your love, selflessness and sacrifice truly are.  Today, I hope you take a deep breath and say, “yes…I am extraordinary.”


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