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You know what I just did?

Wait for it…… 

I lay on my bed and read a book.  For a whole hour.  While the kids were napping.  (They’re still asleep)

I rested.  I closed my eyes.  I listened to the silence. It was heavenly.

Normally, I’m rushing around….working, writing, calling, cleaning, organizing, putting toys away, emptying the dishwasher….blah, blah, blah..trying to maximize what little time I have alone while the mini ones nap.

But. Not. Today.

Today, I sat on my lazy ass and indulged my inner need for ‘me time’ and silence.  I figure I’ve endured more than my share of listening to the high-pitched sounds that regularly resonate from my little posse.




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These are the men in my life.

One has had my heart for 7 years now…the other for only 718 days, but it feel like a lifetime. One has brown hair and hazel eyes…the other, a little blondie with blue eyes, but they both have my heart.

They both love baseball, especially the Cardinals.  They could eat ice cream or cereal for every meal.  They love to take naps, swing a bat, and always have a ball in their hands (that’s a baseball or a basketball!) They snuggle on the couch, sing at the top of their lungs and play ‘fumble’ with gusto.  They giggle like children (both of them!), love to be tickled, constantly make faces and almost never stop talking.

One of them learned to climb out of his crib last night.  And managed to do it again after naptime.  One of them is sitting next to me…working late.

I am one lucky girl.


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This just might be my new phrase to live and love by.  It puts ‘parenting’ in one little bitty sentence that packs a real punch.

It was during our beautiful Mother’s Day mass yesterday that our priest used this quote….and since then, I have found myself thinking it over and over again. 

As a mommy, I do find myself stuck in a ‘long day’ rut.  We do many of the same things over and over again….get up, dress the kids, make breakfast, play with the kids, park time, errands, make lunch, naptime, play with the kids, clean the house, clean up the toys, make dinner…and in between all of that there is my work as a referee, expert ‘colorer’ and craft-maker, toy-fixer, laundry fiend, friend, wife, worker….

But when did my little girl learn to say ‘impressive’ in a sentence?  And when did my little boy learn to pull his pants up by himself?  Is it possible they are almost 4 and 2?  Can he really count to 15? And hit a pop-up off a tee?  Can she really do a sommersault with no hands? And kick a soccer ball?  Is she really on a T-Ball team? And when did she learn to rhyme ‘dog’ and ‘fog’?  When did he learn to say ‘too’ after “Mommy, I love you”?  Did I really catch him WALKING up and down the stairs all by himself? Did she really keep my mother’s day present a secret?  Seriously, she can keep a secret?  Was it a mirage….or were they really sitting on the couch together…..her arm around him….his head on her shoulder as she read to him? She isn’t allowed to call me, “Mom” yet, is she?  Isn’t there a minimum age requirement for that?

The minutes are too precious to miss.  The days may sometimes seem long as they are happening, but, wow…I’m confident I will soon blink and they will be pre-teens….and then teenagers….and then adults.  Whoa….sorry….my chest is tightening…need to take a deep breath.

OK…that’s better….focusing on the ‘now’.  Right now, they are both napping.  Right now, I have only a few more minutes before they awake and we play.  Right now, they are still approaching their 4th and 2nd birthdays.  Right now, I’m still Mommy to a couple of toddlers.  Right now, they still giggle when I tickle them.  Right now, they still want to be tucked into bed.  Right now, I’m one of their favorite playmates. Right now, I’m lucky to have been given the gift of learning, “the days are long, but the years are short”.



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Before I was a Mommy…I wondered about all of the trinkets and handmade items my mom had collected from my brother and I over the years.  I was curious about her decision to proudly display stuffed animals we had given as gifts years after the fact. 

I tilted my head in bewilderment at the notion that I would ever find such joy in an illegible card or keep the first writing of “Mommy” in my bedside table even after my children are grown.

But I get it now.  Today I received the best gift I have ever received.

This came home from school with Delaney today.  The note says:

A piece of me I give to you. I painted this flower to say I love you.  The heart is you.  The hand is me.  To show we are friends-the best there can be.  I hope you will save it, and look back someday, at the flower we shared on your special day.  Happy Mother’s Day.

Yes, I cried.  Yes, I will keep it forever.  Yes, I want it hanging in my room.  Yes, I want to cast it in bronze so it never loses its shape or size.  Yes, I will likely cry every time I read it.  Yes, Delaney will hit her teen years and roll her eyes in disbelief that something so small can have such a special place in my heart.  And I will just have to give her the same knowing smile my mom gave me.

Since Delaney is just now almost 4…this is the first time I have received a ‘created by Delaney’ gift. I can’t wait to create my own special stash of these wonderful treasures.


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I probably drive her crazy most of the time.  And I know she does her share too.  Sometimes I want to hang my sweet girl upside down from the ceiling fan (from her toes) but not today.

Today she was sweet.  Today we bonded.  Today we stopped to smell the flowers together. Literally.

Today…I taught her how to plant flowers (I say that as though I really know what I’m doing…not so much) It was divine, because she listened to me.  We added the dirt, we planted the flowers and Mini did the watering.

Don’t the flowers look pretty?  (I hope they don’t die)

When we came back inside….I asked if she wanted to help me make dinner.  She was thrilled.  It must have been karma that she join me in the kitchen..b/c just then, a package arrived. 

I could just eat her up!  Her little apron says Mini. (the nickname she had before she was born).  But, my absolute favorite moment came in response to telling her she was my favorite little chef.  She said, “Wait!  I’m a shepherd?  Like little Ratatouille?  That’s so cool!  I’m a shepherd!”

I adore the way she is making the English language her very own.

Today….my girl and I.  No tantrums.  No arguing.  Just planting and laughing and cooking.

She’s the best.




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