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But that is just fine with me since it is indicative of the fight I have waged (and am winning!!!!!  Eczema sufferers read on!) against my son’s eczema since seeing his sweet, pale skin turn wretched shades of red….

Can you see what happened to his baby white skin?  Do you see the angry red strip across the back of his neck?  It looks like I put a piece of duct tape on him and then ripped it off….  After the doctor told us on Thursday it was eczema, I have to admit I was bewildered.  But I was blessed to get advice from so many people.  We started using the steroid cream as recommended by our pediatrician…but Coop would scream in pain as I tried to apply it (note:  when I called to inquire about this….I was told it may burn some since the skin is open…hence the screams of agony) 

But then….On Friday, I received an email from a friend, Chaney (if you think I loved her before….just you wait!!)  She sweetly reminded me that she is a nurse and does have some first hand experience with this condition.  Boy, does she ever!  Her daughter was 6 months old when the eczema first appeared…and it was more than 4 months ( plus a pediatrician and 3 dermatologists) until her daughter’s condition was under control.  But since then (over a year) little Paige has been great. 


Forgive the slightly blurry picture, but Coop is excited…he keeps yelling, “my boo-boos are gone!” And he is right.  Just look at his beautiful skin (the red on the right side of his tummy is his birthmark).

Now…here’s what I did….this advice came from a pediatric dermatologist.  It was given to Chaney for her daughter, but I was desperate to help Coop (and avoid using the painful steroid cream if at all possible)  The dermatologist prefers a ‘holistic’ approach.

1) Give your eczmea suffering child a bath 3-4 times a day for about 5 minutes at a time.  Fill the tub with water and add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of white vinegar or household bleach (admittedly the bleach freaked me out, but apparently the Dr. said when it is diluted with that much water – the whole tub- it is like swimming in a pool)  Still…I chose the vinegar.  Use Cetaphil soap to wash them.  Don’t use anything with fragrance.

2) As soon as you get them out…quickly pat them dry and slather them with Vaseline petroleum jelly.  Yep, cover their little bodies….layer it on, lube them up…it will trap the moisture in.  Then get them dressed.

I gave Coop 4 baths yesterday.  By the time his final one rolled around before bed, the eczema was all but GONE.

I also switched to ALL Free and Clear laundry detergent and Bounce Free and Clear Dryer Sheets.  I washed Coop’s sheets and ours and am working on everything else.

I didn’t even get to all the additional suggestions, but here they are:

3) Purchase old-school mineral oil.  Use small cotton squares to apply mineral oil to the affected areas throughout the day

4) If the face or genitals are affected, use zinc oxide (not a product with zinc, but actual 100% Zinc oxide)

5) Use the steroid cream once a day if necessary.  Apply only to raised, red areas.  Don’t use for more than two weeks at a time.  Take a maximum of a 2 week holiday from the cream and start again if needed.

Good Heavens…I think that is it.

I’m clearly not a doctor…but I’m just sayin’…I love me some Chaney!  Not only has this remarkable girl helped to deliver both my babies…she has now saved me the agony of MONTHS of trial and error.

Thank you, my friend!

PS…don’t you all forget about our Toddler/Baby T-shirt Contest!


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So, here is what you need to know:  my kids are NOT good eaters.  I mean this in a relative fashion, of course.  There are roughly 4 things they will definitely eat:  grilled cheese, chicken (nuggets of course), soup (don’t get excited, I mean the Dora variety), and peanut butter sandwiches.  This does not include the chips, cookies, or snacks that will always be a favorite.  ‘Chip’ was among the first 20 words both kids could say.  Vegetables aren’t even an option (I put them on their plates regularly, but to no avail)

But today, a small miracle.  I (in an attempt to get all the fruit I need) have taken to making fruit smoothies.  After weeks of  flat out refusing to even try it, both Cooper and Delaney agreed to a ‘sip’.  That sip turned into a second and a third and a fourth.  The mix of seeing me drinking it for weeks and toddler curiosity worked in my favor.

I’m so excited….with multiple sips, I managed to get raspberries, blueberries, bananas, strawberries, cherries and pomegranates into their little bodies.

Just another thing to be grateful for!


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