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My husband is gone for the next month.  Training for a new job.  He will get to come home July 3-5th, but other than that….the kids have only me.

Which isn’t so bad during the day.

But nighttime….well, that’s a different story.  For 3 1/2 hours last night, Coop called out for his daddy.

“Daddy….where are you?”, “Daddy?  You lay down with me?”, “Daddy???”

He’s only 2, so, daddy being ‘in New York’ only makes so much sense. 

I lay down with him, I held him when he asked me to….I even brought him into bed with me…but he was so restless.  He finally asked to go back to his bed because “I don yike u bed, Mommy.”  At least he finally got some sleep.

As much as this literally hurt my heart…what would I do if Jeff was deployed for a year or more?  How do those (incredibly strong) mommys manage?  And worse….God forbid….what if something ever happened to Jeff?  I don’t think I can even go there….it makes me sick to my stomach to even think about.

So…I suppose, despite the midnight heartbreak..we are lucky b/c we know he’s coming home.


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Please explain to me….how fun in the pool goes from this:

To this:

From happy giggling to hysterical tears.  They absolutely turned into pumpkins.  The poor teenage lifeguard was so traumatized, she won’t have kids until she’s 45.  

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My sweet boy was such a trooper~  He hated every single second of his hours in the hospital.  I mean, how can you blame a little guy for being super mad about a catheter?  Or having blood drawn for the 2nd time in 3 days?  Hence the red arm…the fabulous staff at the hospital (Progress West in O’Fallon.  I. LOVE. THEM.  REALLY.  They actually teared up with Jeff and I when Coop was crying so hard….and they were so kind to us!) didn’t want to have to ‘stick’ him again if they needed more blood….so, they kept the little iv-thingy (that’s the technical term) in his hand and wrapped it all tight.

Since the catheter and the blood drawing happened on the bed you see him on….it was a world-class feat to get him to lay there while we waited for results.  He asked me to change his diaper, but wanted to lay on the floor instead of the bed.  Bad association with the bed.  Same thing for anyone dressed in blue scrubs…as soon as they walked in…he would start to whimper.

It is safe to say Jeff and I were almost as traumatized by the whole experience….minus the catheter…Coop gets all the ‘trauma credit’ for that one.  It is terrible to be unable to help your child when they are suffering…and worse when you know you are participating (even unwillingly) in the discomfort!

He did sleep all the way through the night last night.  Some other tests came back negative today…so, it looks like we are in the clear.

This means…we will be able to celebrate his 2nd birthday 🙂

Thank you much for all of your well-wishes and prayers.  They helped.




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Look at this….  This is the little monster who started to climb out of his crib last week.

So…now, the little climber has a big-kid bed (which he is currently in…napping away!)

And this means…the other big kid in the house moves from a twin bed to a FULL SIZE….


Jump!  Jump!  Clap!  Clap!  Spin around!  Mommy is ecstatic!  Both kids in ‘big-kid’ beds and they love them.  2 nights in a row….and we are SLEEPING!

I’m probably putting a deep, dark jinx on myself….but for now…I’m going to relish the accomplishment of another toddler hurdle.



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These are the men in my life.

One has had my heart for 7 years now…the other for only 718 days, but it feel like a lifetime. One has brown hair and hazel eyes…the other, a little blondie with blue eyes, but they both have my heart.

They both love baseball, especially the Cardinals.  They could eat ice cream or cereal for every meal.  They love to take naps, swing a bat, and always have a ball in their hands (that’s a baseball or a basketball!) They snuggle on the couch, sing at the top of their lungs and play ‘fumble’ with gusto.  They giggle like children (both of them!), love to be tickled, constantly make faces and almost never stop talking.

One of them learned to climb out of his crib last night.  And managed to do it again after naptime.  One of them is sitting next to me…working late.

I am one lucky girl.


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You know when something just hits you the right way??  You hear the perfect song for your mood?  You read a phrase in a book that clicks?  Or you see a quote that captures the essence of how you feel on a given day?

That’s me today.  This was the quote from Real Simple’s Daily Thought :

“Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.”  (Anonymous) This actually fits my last two days.  I will start by saying I’ve been feeling a bit funky, a little out of sorts, sort of uncomfy in my own skin….but not the whole day. 

The headaches are always the worst….the sleepless nights don’t help things much, my sweet girl has been emotional (read: crazy) and my sweet Mommy’s boy has defected to the boy’s team…..he now only wants Daddy (PS…this breaks my heart into a trillion itty bitty pieces.  When this happened with Delaney everyone told me I needed a boy so I wouldn’t get left in the dust.  Wish I could remember (kick) who gave me this lovely bit of advice).  Yep…no more calling for Mommy.  Coop wakes up yelling for Daddy and you can’t even imagine the dramatic disappointment when I walk into his room.  He says, “No….no….no….I want Daddy!” (and then proceeds to throw his head down onto his arms in pure dismay)  Again.  This. Breaks. My. Heart.  How can my lovely little Mommy’s boy go to the dark side?

But….the silver lining is:  though the days themselves haven’t been so good…there have been moments.

Moments of sheer joy: I had a meeting yesterday that required me to get dressed up….I wore makeup, I was by myself in the car, the radio was tuned to my songs of choice….I felt GOOD…..kind of like the me I used to be before kids, today I actually did some paid work (have to love making a little money!), Moments of laughter (you’d have to read my husband’s Daddy Diary for this) and moments of sweetness:

This was my gift from Delaney.  She knocked on the front door as I started to work tonight to give it to me.


A little more good in my day: a close friend is feeling better after an injury this weekend, I heard the song “Heaven” by Los Lonely Boys and it always puts me in a good mood, my new cell phone ring (‘Love Song’ by Sara Bareilles), homemade chicken salad, azaleas blooming in my front yard, Memorial Day Weekend plans, seeing other people singing in their cars, a good exercise day, a phone call I’d been waiting for, feeling that ‘job well done’ feeling, writing a letter to someone to get something off my chest and of course, ‘hugs and kishes’ from my little ones.


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